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Huskies are energetic fur babies who deserve the best treats! For Huskies, you’ll want treats that are healthy, nutritious, and taste delicious, and The Dog Bakery covers all of those bases.

We pride ourselves on our organic, delicious treats. Know exactly what you’re giving your Husky and see the joy on their faces when they devour our treats!


Jerky is a staple among dog treats, and for good reason: most dogs love jerky! Huskies are no different, so give your fur baby a jerky that is natural and delicious.

The Dog Bakery’s jerky comes in beef and two types of chicken, so experiment and see what your Husky loves the most.

Good Dog Chews

Sometimes, dogs just want to chew on something. For an energetic breed like Huskies, your brand-new throw pillows could be that something. Enter: good dog chews. Organic, tough, and delicious, our good dog chews are the best chew treats for Huskies; they’ll be entertained and satisfied.

Training Treats

The best treats for Husky puppies should be healthy and delicious, rewarding but small. The Dog Bakery’s training treats come in four flavors with all organic ingredients. Best training treats for Husky puppies? The Dog Bakery’s cheese biscuit bones.