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  • $9.99

Dog Birthday Bandanas

On your best friend’s special day, you want them to look fantastic, even if they’re just going to hang out and chew on a bone all day!

To help you get your best canine friend dressed in their finest, we’ve created our special line of amazing birthday bandanas! These reversible, wearable party favors are the perfect way to tell the whole world that your canine companion is celebrating a birthday or a gotcha day. Adjustable and comfortable, our birthday bandanas they’re made to fit every pooch. To make sure that the special guest is always making an entrance, they even have a little bell!

Our bandana is available in two colors and styles. For the bestest boys, we have an adorable shade of blue, which decrees that your pup is the “Birthday Dude”! For the goodest girls of the world, we have a lovely pink, which marks your dog as the “Birthday Girl”!

For all of your pup’s Instagram-worthy moments, there’s nowhere like The Dog Bakery. These bandanas are entirely unique to our store, and you can’t get them anywhere else.

How To Rock the Bandana

There are a few different ways to rock our amazing bandana, and choosing which of the two sides you want to use is just the beginning!

1. The Side-Swipe

For all the cool canines, our bandanas can be worn off to the side. This style is great for photos, and it’s a good way to tell the world that your pup is a rebel. Who needs to perfectly center their party clothes? Not this pup, they don’t play by the rules!

2. On the Back

If you’re getting an overhead photo or your pup is a messy eater, you might want to consider tying your bandana on so that it’s between their shoulders. This utilitarian look also ensures that everyone is aware of your pup’s status as the guest of honor, even if they've got their face in the cake!

3. The Classic Bib

Finally, we have the classic bandana style: hanging from the front. This is the most popular way to wear a bandana, as it offers plenty of chances to grab an amazing photo of your pooch in action. The classic bib look is also the best way to show off that bell!

Of course, when you serve up the cake, you may want to remove or move the bandana, because your pup is sure to dig in right away! Fortunately, our bandanas are reusable and easy to wash, so you don’t need to worry about stains or grime. Instead, you can let your amazing pooch spend their big day romping and playing!