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I heard your kid is in the Honor Society! That’s so cool, but have you heard about how my puppy, Spot just learned how to sit? 

Calling all dog moms: We get you! 

You love your four-legged baby like they’re your own, and you want to shout it from the rooftops! Unfortunately, they don’t make many bumper stickers to brag about your dog’s accomplishments, and your friends are starting to think it’s a little weird when you compare your dog to their human babies. 

Now, you can let everyone know you’re a dog mom right away by wearing this sweet mom dog t-shirt! Simple, sleek, and super cute (if I do say so myself), this dog mom shirt will get people talking about your favorite thing in the world: your dog. 

Never again will you have to deal with someone assuming you’re not a dog mom, and we can guarantee you’ll be hearing the best question ever “oh my gosh, what kind of dog do you have?” all day, every day. 

Wear your dog mom shirt to work. Wear your dog mom shirt to the gym. Wear your dog mom shirt to the dog park. Wear your dog mom shirt on a first date. Wear your dog mom shirt to that block party you’re a little nervous to attend!

In all seriousness, this is an awesome t-shirt! The Dog Mom shirt is made from super soft cotton fabric, made to breathe while still feeling cozy and comfortable. The relaxed fit and crew neck make this shirt appropriate for everyday wear or can be styled for an effortless night out look. 

We know you love your dog, so why not brag about it?