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Carrot Cake

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This cake is made with fresh carrots and cinnamon and a very popular treat. 

This mini carrot cake for dogs looks just like the real thing, but in this case, you don’t have to ask yourself: is carrot cake bad for dogs?

We made our recipe to ensure that this is a carrot cake safe for dogs, and completely free from processed sugar, wheat, and unsafe spices. If your dog loves carrots, giving them a piece of this dog-safe carrot care may actually be easier for them to digest than raw carrots since these carrots have been baked. 

Good for up to 10 days after opening, we know these won’t last long once your dog gets their first taste. 




Cake: Rice, Flour, Potato Starch, Carrot, Cinnamon, Baking Soda, Honey, Oil, Egg, Applesauce 

Topping:  Yogurt

 Shelf life is 10 days.

[Watch] Making Dog Friendly Carrot Cake for Shelter Dogs At San Diego Humane



Have you ever wondered: Can dogs eat carrot cake?

Well, when that carrot cake comes from The Dog Bakery, they absolutely can!

Simple, delicious, and made from natural whole ingredients, our carrot cakes are 100% dog safe, and so cute you’ll want to steal a bite for yourself.

As tasty as our dog carrot cakes are, they also deliver your dog a healthy serving of dietary fiber from freshly grated carrots.

But, is carrot cake safe for dogs to eat? Since when can dogs eat cake?!

Human carrot cakes contain ingredients that don’t agree with the canine stomach like sugar, butter, cream cheese, walnuts, and flavor extracts. While none of these ingredients are strictly toxic*, they can cause serious gastrointestinal discomfort and aren’t a healthy choice for your pup.

Our dog carrot cakes include ingredients that your dog and their body will love! Instead of adding processed sugar, we sweeten these treats with honey, and instead of icing with cream cheese frosting, we use a probiotic-rich yogurt frosting!

Celebrate a birthday, adoption day, or special occasion, or just give your dog a special treat with a freshly baked carrot cake.

We guarantee they’ll gobble it up and ask for more, so it’s a good thing these carrot cakes come in a six-pack!

*Flavor extracts, like vanilla extract, are toxic to dogs due to their alcohol content, but in a cake, that alcohol is evaporated off during baking.

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