About Barksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that you’re grateful for. It’s for gathering with loved ones around the table and enjoying a feast filled with all your favorite foods. Of course, if you have a dog or two, they’ll probably want to be part of the celebration too! And who isn’t thankful for their canine friends?

While it’s tempting to slip them a little food from your plate you have to be careful. Many of our holiday favorites are dangerous for dogs and can cause pancreatitis, food poisoning and severe gastrointestinal issues so dog owners must be hyper vigilant about keeping certain foods away from their pets.

Our Barksgiving meal has been created just for dogs with only wholesome, dog-safe ingredients. We make the entire meal right in our bakery in Southern California and pack it all up by hand, so we literally know what goes in each item and in each box.

Dogs are definitely an important part of our family so why not give them the thanks they deserve for their unconditional love and treat them to their very own Barksgiving Dinner? We sell out every year so order yours today!