• The Perfect Dog Gift

    I remember when I was growing up our neighbor always thought it was strange that our family had a holiday stocking for our dog.  To us it just made sense.  If we have holiday stockings up for each family member why wouldn’t we add one for our dog who was as much of a family member as anyone.  She was just as excited as us during holiday activities.  All be it she may have been a bit more excited about the discarded wrapping paper than any of us she was always as joyful and excited as any family member.  That...

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  • The Dog Bakery | All-Natural Delicious Fresh Baked Cookies

    The Dog Bakery | All-Natural Delicious Fresh Baked Cookies

    At The Dog Bakery we work hard every day to source local ingredients, bake in small batches, and always demand only the best for your pup. We are excited to announce our new USA made, all natural small batch cookies.  Our new fresh baked cookies come in our standard size and a new Mini Bite size.  Provided in four great flavors: Peanut Butter, Blueberry Muffin, Choco-like Chip, and Cheesy Beef, these oven baked cookies are sure to be new family favorites for you and your pups.

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