Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cookies?

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cookies?


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In our eternal quest to provide our pooches with the best of the best, people have asked many questions. Can dogs eat chocolate? (Nope.) Can dogs eat strawberries? (Yes!) Now, let’s address something different: can dogs eat oatmeal cookies?

The shortest answer to this question is yes! Dogs can safely eat most oatmeal cookies, but there are a few things you’ll want to watch out for.

The Best Oatmeal Cookies for Dogs

Now that we know that dogs can eat oatmeal cookies, it’s time for some tips on making or finding the best options. For starters, this answer is not universal. Can dogs eat oatmeal cookies? Yes, but obviously do not feed oatmeal cookies to a dog with grain allergies.

Can dogs eat oatmeal cookies

If you’re in a particularly tight spot or don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can always try our amazing Oatmeal Bites! These condense all the joy of oatmeal cookies into tiny, easy-to-eat pieces for dogs of all sizes!

Use Plain Oatmeal

can dogs eat oatmeal

For the best and healthiest results, you’ll want to use plain oatmeal. While a majority of artificial flavors are not toxic to dogs (barring, of course, xylitol), you want to do your best to avoid them. Moreover, when using plain oatmeal, you can know for sure that your dog is not getting an excessive serving of sugar.

Avoid Dairy

can dogs eat oatmeal cookies

As it turns out, many dogs are lactose intolerant. Dairy probably won’t harm your dog, but it may cause intestinal distress and indigestion. To avoid the post-snack tummy aches, skip the lactose! Use dairy-free alternatives instead.

Obviously, you need to check the labels when you’re purchasing dairy-free products for your dog. Avoid anything with almonds and never use a product that contains xylitol.

Avoid Raisins

can dogs eat oatmeal? yes but dogs can't eat raisins

While raisins may be a great addition for us, never put raisins or grapes into a dog’s oatmeal cookie. While there’s no known reason, grapes are extremely toxic to dogs.

Serve Safely

Finally, remember to serve the cookie safely! Cookies that are too large, especially those with a clumpy texture, may prove to be a choking hazard. Be sure to cut the cookies into bite-sized bits before you serve them to your pooch. Even better: consider making the cookies that size in the first place!

Oatmeal Cookie Bites for Dogs

These oatmeal cookie bites taste as good as they smell. They're jam packed with wholesome ingredients dogs love like rolled oats, honey and carob with added nutrition from chia seeds and coconut oil! Buy them here.

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