Celebrate National Dachshund Day With These Amazing Treats!

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Wiener dogs. Sausages. Doxies. Whatever you call them, you can’t deny that dachshunds bring an adorable charm to any home. In fact, there’s even a holiday celebrating them: National Dachshund Day. If you’d like some great tips, treats, and ideas for celebrating your doxie, wiener dog, or special sausage in your life.

When is National Dachshund Day?

Also known as Wiener Dog Day and World Dachshund Day, National Dachshund Day is a holiday all about celebrating dachshunds and everything about them! The holiday takes place every year on June 21st. Want to know why this holiday takes place on the 21st? It’s the longest day of the year!

What is National Dachshund Day?

Originally started in Australia to celebrate dachshunds and spread awareness about the breed, its history, and its preservation through ethical breeding practices. Now celebrated worldwide by doxie fans everywhere, the holiday has become a staple for every sausage-lover’s yearly schedule!

Why are dachshunds so special?

Ask a dachshund lover why these dogs are so special, and they’ll list off a number of things: they’re cute, they’re smart, they have great personalities… instead, let’s talk about the history of this unique breed. 

Dachshunds have been around for over 600 years and were initially bred as badger-hunting dogs in Germany. Badgers are naturally cunning creatures that burrow underground, so dachshunds had to be strong diggers that could navigate tight badger tunnels and outwit them to catch their prey. 

How to Celebrate Dachshund Day

So, you’re ready to celebrate Dachshund Day, but how do you do it? Check out these four tips for giving your doxie special treatment on their personal holiday:

1. Get Digging

Dachshunds love digging. If you live somewhere where you can get some dirt or snow, let your doxie go buck wild, digging to their heart’s content! Creating a special digging area for your dog is ideal for helping keep your doxie from digging up the garden. To do so, get a plastic baby pool and fill it with potting soil or snow. Fill it deep enough for your doxie to burrow in tunnels. If you want to make a more permanent pit, create a small hole and fill it with loose soil. Surround the hole with bricks or stones to mark the area for your doxie!

2. Treats Galore!

One of the best ways to celebrate the special sausage in your life is by giving them a treat! We have a massive selection of dog-friendly goodies for your doxie to enjoy. This National Dachshund Day, why not try some of our favorites?

Custom Cakes

Want to celebrate in the biggest way possible? Get a custom cake! Our doggy cakes are fully customizable: you can choose the cake’s shape, color, flavor, and design. After placing your order, we’ll bake your cake from scratch and ship it right to your door (if you live in the area). To learn more about our baking process and what ingredients we use, check out our info page.

Not a fan of big cakes? Why not enjoy pawcakes with your doxie? These adorable, paw-sized cake bites are made of the same stuff as our custom cakes. Feel free to purchase a single one or a dozen for your Dachshund Day party!

Sweet, Sweet Ice Cream

Up in the Northern Hemisphere, June’s the middle of summer– why not help your doxie cool off with some doggy ice cream? The one we’ve got here is peanut butter, but it comes in tons of other flavors, including maple bacon and birthday cake!

The doggy ice cream comes as a powder that you’ll need to mix with boiling water and then freeze overnight to make the ice cream. Make sure you grab some in advance before Doxie Day!

Doggy Candies

Ever wish your doggo could enjoy some candy with you? With our line of doggy candies, you can! These pup-safe candies are great treats for the best of boys.

Can’t Choose? Go Assorted!

If you can’t choose what treat to buy, why not get a little bit of everything to make this year’s Dachshund Day extra special? The Barker’s Dozen Assortment Pack comes filled with thirteen delicious, hand-baked treats picked directly from our case. If your pup has any allergies, please specify in your order, so we can ensure your assortment is allergy-free!

3. Make Your Doxie a Special Meal

If you’re a fan of home-cooked meals, why not make one to share with your dachshund? We’ve got great, healthy dog recipes on the blog that will make your little wiener dog the happiest around!

4. Participate in a Parade

Some places hold parades and doggy get-togethers for Doxie Day, and if you’re in the area, I highly recommend visiting a Dachshund Day party or parade. Surround yourself with dachshund lovers, get your dog out and socializing, and support local shelters, all while spending a day with your beloved fur baby! If you’d like to know more about local Dachshund Day shenanigans, Facebook is a great place to start– try looking for a local Dachshund-lovers group and ask around, or organize your own puppy playdate!

Check out These Delightful Doxies

Don’t have a dachshund of your own to celebrate? Check out these fantastic puppers and live vicariously through their loving humans:

Arlo the Dachshund

Source: @arlo.thedachshund

Arlo is a beautiful miniature long-haired dachshund living with his human in Queensland, Australia. Check out his lovely socials to see him hanging out with friends, cosplaying his favorite book characters, and enjoying the lovely Australian weather.

Sherman the Sausage

Source: @shermanthesausage

Sherman’s Insta is absolutely adorable– he even wrote his own introduction! “Hi, my name is Sherman I am a mini sausage born on the 15/07/16.” Check out his adventures!


Source: @crusoe_dachshund

This adventurous doxie is a full-blown celebrity, and he’s living large with his new sister at age thirteen. Crusoe’s been through a lot– he’s currently recovering from spinal surgery in 2022 and living a lovely, relaxing senior life with his brothers and sisters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions about doxies? We’ve got you covered with some of our most frequently asked questions:

Is A Dachshund a smart dog?

Dachshunds are incredibly smart dogs since they were originally bred to navigate tight tunnels and outsmart badgers. It’s important to make sure your doxie gets plenty of brain exercise alongside physical workouts!

What country symbol is a Dachshund?

Dachshunds are German hounds and are thus considered a national symbol.

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