Is it Okay to Share a Cookie with Your Dog?

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Is it Okay to Share a Cookie with Your Dog? 

If your dog loves their ‘cookies’ and they like to gaze lovingly at you when you enjoy the human version, you might be wondering: can dogs eat cookies? 

While it may be tempting to slip your pooch a piece of your sweet treat, it’s generally not a good idea to share human desserts with your four-legged friend. Cookies are high in sugar and fat, and may contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs like chocolate, certain nuts, and spices. But, there are some cookies that aren’t dangerous to dogs, just unhealthy, and it’s good to know the difference. 

Are Cookies Safe for Dogs To Eat? 

Most of the time, if your dog gets ahold of a single cookie they will be totally fine. If, however, they end up eating a large number of any human cookie, they will likely experience an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and general discomfort. While the worst-case-scenario for most dogs who eat a cookie is gastrointestinal distress, cookies that contain toxic ingredients could cause serious health issues that require the help of a veterinarian. 

To keep your dog safe, happy, and healthy, it’s best to avoid giving them any human cookies. 

Cookie Varieties

As mentioned, some cookies have more potential to be harmful to your dog’s health than others. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular cookies and whether or not they pose a threat to your dog if consumed. 

Type of Cookie

Is it Safe for Dogs?

Harmful Ingredients

Animal Crackers

Yes, in moderation

Artificial Flavorings, Canola Oil, Sugar



Chocolate*, Nuts*, Sugar

Black & White Cookies

No - toxic

Cocoa*, Sugar

Butter Cookies

Yes, in moderation (if homemade)

Butter, Sugar

Chocolate Chip Cookies

No - toxic

Chocolate*, Sugar

Fortune Cookies

Yes, in moderation

Almond Extract, Artificial Flavorings, Sugar

Gingerbread Cookies


Butter, Clove*, Sugar



Butter, Clove*, Sugar

Graham Crackers

Yes, in moderation

Artificial Flavorings, Oils, Sugar



Almonds, Butter, Sugar







Molasses Cookies

No - possibly toxic

Molasses with added xylitol*, Sugar

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

No - toxic

Raisins*, Sugar


No - toxic

Artificial Flavorings, Cocoa*, Oils, Sugar

Peanut Butter Cookies

No - possibly toxic

Sugar, Xylitol*

Shortbread Cookies

Yes, in moderation (if homemade)

Butter, Sugar



Butter, Cream of Tartar*, Sugar

Sugar Cookies

Yes, in moderation (if homemade and not frosted)

Butter, Sugar

Wafer Cookies


Artificial Flavorings, Butter, Chocolate*, Sugar

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

No - toxic

Butter, Macadamia Nuts*, Sugar, White Chocolate

*Potential to be toxic to dogs

Can Dogs Eat Cookies? The FAQ

Here are some more fast facts about dogs eating human cookies, and tips for how you can choose dog-friendly options so your pup never feels left out. 

Can Dogs Eat Shortbread?

Dogs shouldn’t eat any human cookies, but if they get a piece of shortbread, it won’t be the end of the world as long as it doesn’t contain any added toxic ingredients.

Can Dogs Eat Butter Cookies?

As long as the butter cookies don’t contain any chocolate or other toxic ingredients, butter cookies are relatively safe for dogs. But again, dogs shouldn’t eat any human cookies if you can prevent it. 

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies?

No! Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and the chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies can be a serious problem for your pup. Even if they don’t react to the chocolate, the sugar isn’t good for them in the long run. Here are more details on what to do if your dog eats a chocolate chip cookie

Carob chip cookies are a safe, dog-friendly alternative so your dog can still enjoy a delicious treat.

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Cookies?

Like butter cookies and shortbread, sugar cookies are generally safe for dogs as long as they are plain and don’t include frosting, chocolate, or other ingredients. Remember, cookies aren’t a good treat for dogs, but if your dog eats a sugar cookie on accident they will be completely fine. 

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cookies?

There are some oatmeal cookies dogs can eat, but the ones you can buy at the grocery store or make for the holidays aren’t a good option for your dog. Oatmeal raisin cookies are especially bad for dogs since raisins are toxic to them. 

Can Dogs Eat Snickerdoodle Cookies?

Many snickerdoodle recipes contain cream of tartar, which can be problematic for some dogs. Because of this, it’s best to not let your dog eat snickerdoodles, unless, of course, they’re our dog-friendly snickerdoodles made with canine-approved ingredients!


Did you know that you can make dog cookies at home? Check out these simple bacon dog treat recipes!

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