What is Kibble?

New dog owners have undoubtedly posed the question: What is kibble? Utter the word in front of your pet and they’ll most likely wag their tail with glee. Put quite simply, kibble is ground up ingredients shaped into pellets. Comprised of meat, grains, vegetables and other materials, kibble is the most popular type of food for dogs and, compared to wet dog food, can prove to be the best nutritional source for your beloved pet.

This History of Kibble

So, what is kibble exactly? Let’s dive right into its history. The first batch of kibble was derived from a crumbled biscuit. The brain child of James Spratt, an electrician and salesman from Cincinnati, this crumbled biscuit was baked and transformed into a tasty treat for dogs. Dubbed “Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes,” this dog food was the first of its kind and paved the way for a number of new dog food products, including dry kibble– small pieces of ground up meal. Through a process called “extrusion,” ingredients were cooked together in liquid form and then mechanically pushed through an extruder.

Choosing the Healthiest Kibble

When asking, “What is Kibble?” and “What is the best kind?” there are a number of factors to consider in choosing the most nutritious kibble for your pet. Carefully read food labels and make a commitment to shun brands who pack their kibble with an overabundance of preservatives, byproducts and fillers. These are unhealthy for humans and certainly unhealthy for dogs.

Also, look for kibbles that will not cause unwanted weight gain. For instance, Petzyo stocks various brands that steer clear of starch and simple carbohydrates. Those ingredients could potentially lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

As a pet owner, make it a habit take a stand and feed your pet the most nutritious food on the market. There are all-natural options to choose from and these will prove best in aiding the growth of your dog.

Dental Hygiene

Dog kibble provides more than stable nutrition for dogs. In addition to packing a mean punch of protein and vitamins, dried kibble cleanses the teeth, resulting in pearly whites for your furry pal. While you may notice your dog looking slightly uncomfortable as he chomps away at a delectable bowl of kibble, the rough texture and crunchiness does a great service of removing plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. This consistent nibbling of kibble results in less frequent trips to the dentist for your pup– a valuable perk when you’re strapped for time and cash.

In addition to an inexpensive price point for kibble, there are other advantages to feeding your pet this crunchy dry food. With a longer shelf life than wet dog food, kibble is easy to measure, convenient to store and can be purchased in bulk. Though we’d do anything for our pets, convenience is something to be embraced. Less frequent trips to the pet store means more bonding time for you and your pet. Score!

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