• 6 Tips for Adopting the Right Match from Wags & Walks

    6 Tips for Adopting the Right Match from Wags & Walks

    Learn More About Wags & Walks here: 6 Tips for Adopting the Right Match When looking to adopt a new dog - whether it’s an addition to your current pack, your first pup or you’re looking to have a dog again after some time spent solo - you’re obviously considering what kind of dog you’d like to have. You’re likely thinking about things like size, breed, personality traits and where you’ll get them from. These are all vastly important things to consider, but they certainly aren’t the only ones! In fact, it’s amazing how much we can obsessive over one...

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  • Nutrition and Dog Food for Dry Skin

    Nutrition and Dog Food for Dry Skin

    No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own skin. However, dry skin causes itchiness, flaking, and genuine irritation ─ both in humans and dogs. Dogs scratch for a number of reasons, so it’s important to make sure dry skin is to blame before rushing him to the vet or purchasing speciality dog food for dry skin. A little scratching is nothing to worry about, but when it turns into incessant licking, biting, and chewing, then it’s time to become concerned. If your dog is causing harm to himself with chronic itching, he needs your help. Excessive itching is the...

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  • How do I know if I am exercising my dog enough?

    How do I know if I am exercising my dog enough?

    Exercising your dog is one of the key elements to dog ownership. Dogs have been our best friends for years, working at our sides and helping us do specific jobs for centuries. That being said, in this modern day era if you can’t provide a space or take the time out of your day to exercise your dog, you are going to have problems and so is your dog. Exercise is about more than just physical health for dogs, it’s about their mental health as well and I can promise you, if you’ve got a dog chewing up things they’re...

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  • High Tech Pet Products

    High Tech Pet Products

    If you consider yourself to be pretty tech savvy, often picking up the latest gizmos and gadgets created in order to make your life easier, it’s probably spilled over into your pet-parent life. And why shouldn’t it? There are a lot of great, high tech items on the market for the dogs and cats in your life that not only make their lives more interesting and fun, but can also make your day-to-day with them easier. We decided to deep-dive into the world of high tech pet products to uncover the best of what’s available now and share our findings...

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  • Recommendations from Your Vet | Vet Recommended Dog Food

    Recommendations from Your Vet | Vet Recommended Dog Food

    Responsible dog owners want to know how to keep their dog healthy.  A common vet recommended approach is to ensure good nutrition and a proper well-balanced diet may actually prevent many chronic health problems that your dog could develop in old age. So what is the vet recommended dog food that provides your dog the best nutrition? Well, a vet will tell you that there is no single best dog food to buy for your dog, but there is a rule of thumb you can follow that can help you narrow down all of those choices on the market. A Rule of Thumb Dogs are natural...

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